Borrowdale Private Hospital and Critical Care is an upmarket admissions hospital equipped with modern technology and qualified staff dedicated to provide empathetic care in a homely environment to all its clients.

To be the most sought after reputable medical admissions hospital in Zimbabwe.


1. EMPATHY: Every single patient and their family network matters to Borrowdale Private Hospital and Critical Care and are treated with empathy, dignity, and the highest level of respect.

2. WE ARE FAMILY: every single patient, their family network/ friends, our staff and admitting doctors are valued and treated as family.

3. INNOVATION: we endeavor to foster the spirit of innovation among all our staff and ensure we deliver the best clinical care to patients and admitting doctors.

4. SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY: we are active members of Dandaro and we will endeavor to ensure that we act, conduct and contribute to the development of our community.

5. EXCELLENCE: we strive to ensure highest levels of professional standards in our facilities, among our staff and the service we offer.

Qualified Doctors
Qualified Nurses
Qualified Physios